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We are photographers, not writers. We don't want to impress you with fancy words, we want to impress you with the perfect image. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Quadro Photography & Graphics is Christian based and there to provide the best photographic service at affordable prices. We are devoted to your needs and will deliver high standards. Why go to the big cities if you can get the same quality right here !

With wedding photography, the bride & planner don't need to worry about the special day's photos,it will be covered, come rain or sunshine. 

In photography, everything is about light…. We have found that each person has their own light and it’s important to capture those moments in life when an individual’s light is shining the brightest. We aim to capture the emotion and love that your milestone represents to you. From focusing on all the details that you have so meticulously planned to those once in a life time moments which just seem to go by too quickly and you can be ensured that we will try to reflect your special day as closely as possible.

Just between us, "Quadro" is Italian for "picture".


We specialize in all tipes of photography, photo editing, photo printing, photo books, canvas printing, albums, Mugs, calenders, mousepads, graphic designing (adverts, magazine & newspaper, flyers), website designing, business cards and logos. Please see prices.

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